WB-3200/VRC Win-T/Wi-Fi

Designed for the latest in battlefield applications of digital data transfer technologies using RF frequencies above 500 MHz, the WB-3200/VRC uses a unique patented radiator design to allow maximum link capabilities with best pattern efficiency across a very wide bandwidth. This new design minimizes pattern up-tilt and maintains best signal to the horizon.

The mechanical design is a true tactically rated Mil-Std 810 compliant fiberglass composite antenna that exceeds the rigors of tracked or wheeled vehicle application. The WB5025/VRC will provide ground independent low angle pattern, and fits the standard 4-bolt US Standard antenna mount.

  • 30-500 MHz and 500-2500 MHz
  • 4-bolt Standard mount
    (CECOM Drawing A3207505)
  • Maximum link capabilities
  • Mil-Std 810 compliant fiberglass composite
  • Instantaneous bandwidth: VHF/UHF 470 MHz; Wi-Fi 2000 Mhz


383 Green,Tan, or Black


100 watts CW


30-500 MHz: -7 to +10 dBi; 500-2500 MHz: -10 to -6 dBi

Dual feed

Built in

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