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4243-A Broadband

Shakespeare’s Model 4243 broadband antenna is an end-fed, low profile, stainless steel whip antenna especially designed for tactical vehicles. It provides a low silhouette to prevent visual detection, and to present low drag factor to exhaust gases which can destroy a larger surface antenna when firing vehicle mounted missiles. The Model 4243’s advanced design is totally passive, delivering an instantaneous bandwidth across the entire 30-88 MHz band within a VSWR of 3.5:1. NO tuning or operator adjustments are required.

Uniquely designed to meet specification for frequency-agile radios, the Model 4243 antenna is also compatible with VRC-12 and PRC-77 fixed frequency transceivers. When operating with fixed frequency radios, the passive antenna does not require tuning, band switching, a motor drive, a cable harness, or a DC voltage source to the antenna. Simply connect 50 ohm coax cable between the transceiver and the antenna.

The Model 4243 provides built-in protection against high voltage electrocution from accidental contact with a power line - up to 20KV RMS. A surge arrestor is built in, for EMP protection. Its Xenoy® base is finished in 383 green paint, and stainless steel components are black oxide coated. The antenna mounts using 1/2" stainless steel mounting bolts, and hardware which is provided.

  • Tapered Stainless Steel Whip
  • EMP protected
  • Feed-thru base with flexible shock spring
  • Safety engineered to prevent electrocution
  • BNC-female connector
  • Xenoy® base is virtually indestructible


383 Green base with black oxide-coated stainless steel whip


70 Watts


(see graph)

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