CF-3450/VRC Dual Band

Shakespeare has teamed with major OEMs and military end users to produce a multi-band antenna design allowing significant co-site intermod interference reduction. The design allows mechanical and electrical performance equal to "Legacy" antennas and utilizes one mounting system. The antenna’s interface reduction is gained through unique matching and choking methodologies allowing two separate feed lines between the two antennas. The small diameter radome also reduces visual signature of multiple antennas, yet provides the robust mechanical strength to thrive in hostile tactical environments. The antenna is designed to mount in the “Legacy” mounting space on the latest tactical vehicle configurations. Specifications were verified by testing on the leading military proving grounds.

When combined with the most recent fielded multiplexing designs, this antenna can well tolerate the RF energies produced from multiple transmitters on each band. The CF-3450/VRC is ground independent which creates an ideal environment for less than ideal ground planes as well as mast mounting in Forward Operating Base camps or Tactical Operations Centers. Shakespeare carries a complete line of Tactical Lightweight Telescopic Masts and accessories that are can be quickly deployed. Also available is a dualband diplexer allowing other operating modes.

  • Equal to "Legacy" antennas
  • Ground independent
  • Co-site intermod interference reduction
  • Two antenna design, one mounting base


383 Green, Black, Tan


VHF 150 Watts
UHF 50 Watts /

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