Model 304VT

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Available Accessories: Includes POC injector and 5 meter cable for direct wiring into 36-57VDC power source


304VT High Performance Tactical Mesh Antenna

The Tactical Mesh Antenna is an ideal solution for enhancing signal coverage in mobile mesh deployments. It improves wireless signal quality and reach through the use of 3D Signal™ technology that combines a unique high performance circular wave pattern with patented signal boosting technology in one low-profile, easy-to-implement device. The result is a highly efficient and farther reaching wireless network, as well as a more forgiving signal pattern that delivers greater link stability between mobile clients. Standing just 5.5" tall, the low profile and rugged HP-TMA also delivers a significant footprint and durability advantage over traditional high gain omni antennas.

The HP-TMA is specifically designed for use in rugged and mobile wireless networking environments. The low profile makes it an ideal option for on vehicle use. The HP-TMA is currently available for use in 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz applications.

  • Mobile connectivity
  • Extend wireless signal reach
  • Rugged and low profile
  • Vehicle or fixed mounting
  • EIRP 34 dBm peak, 28 dBm max. average
  • Signal booster transmit gain 20 dB max. under D-AGC control
  • Azimuth beam width 360°; elevation beam width 70°
  • Power over coax (POC) option
  • WNW, 802.11, Wi-Fi waveforms


Desert Tan


2W max (RX) 8W max (TX)


2 dBi

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