3500 Series UHF Manpack Antennas keep the Warfighter in close touch with their squads and platoons via LOS. No matter the environment the Warfighter will be ready for communications without constraint, thanks to the antenna technology.

The Rams Head manpack antenna allows an operator the ability to communicate hands free via SATCOM without azimuth or elevation while on the move. This antenna has been validated by and won praise from Special Ground Force units in theater.

Designed for quick deployment and operator flexibility, the TP-1897 Antenna Tripod allows the operator to install vehicular antennas in tactical or urban environments. When used with the SFB3512/VRC Broadband Antenna, the tripod delivers outstanding performance with the latest multi-mission radios.



Whatever the platform, frequency range or program, Shakespeare has developed the technology to propagate the signal and survive under rigorous conditions, with minimal signature. Our antenna classes cover the spectrum of HF, VHF, UHF, Broadband and WIN-T communications, as well as multi-band models. They are available for a variety of platforms, including vehicles, base stations, shipboard and manpacks.


Set-up and break-down are designed to be fast and easy when minutes are crucial. Our antennas are rugged in construction and easy to assemble and install.

Our antennas have been battlefield tested and Warfighter approved. We are the number one source of antennas for today's Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems.


Shakespeare has strategically positioned itself to provide broader product lines that cover the needs of more radio OEMs, system integrators and end users worldwide.

For a list of antennas, kits and accessories applicable to the various frequency ranges, platforms or military programs, use the convenient pull-down menus provided. Alternatively, you can search using keywords. From the selection results, you can click to see a detailed description of each product.

Shakespeare antennas

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Rolatube Setup

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